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The new standard in safety communication:
no words but images

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man trying to understand manual


Text is the enemy of safety. Words are not read, not understood. Especially not by non-native speakers.

Why are safety instructions not as simple and easy to understand as the airplane map?

machine that converts text to pictures


Communication without words. TLBX converts text into images. Because images speak. In less time. TLBX visual language is clear. For every nationality.

one cartoon figure and one TLBX realistic figure

TLBX is not cartoonish for safety is a serious matter.

TLBX is text independent; the visual language can be understood by any nationality.
TLBX is next level in clarity; you are in a stronger legal position should something unexpectedly go wrong
TLBX also discloses the message in framed posters in any desired indoor and outdoor space (you can also see the film on the wall).
TLBX image bank is growing; increasingly feasible and affordable instructions.
TLBX tailor made is recognisable in detail
TLBX visual language does not age in terms of characters, people shown are fictional
LBX is not cartoonish, which increases identification and acceptance
TLBX images easy to adjust
TLBX images work on all possible media
TLBX is in between photography (too detailed) and pictograms (not appealing enough).

Image bank


The TLXB image bank contains the most basic instructions such as:

  use PPE
✓ permit to work
✓ gate instructions
✓ confined spaces
✓ road safety
✓ forklifts
✓ loto
✓ lmra
✓ digging
✓ hoisting and lifting
✓ Covid-19
✓ office safety
✓ explosion hazard
✓ parking
✓ hazardous substances
✓ warehouse

Low entry, high impact! Request a quote.

custom designed instruction sheet
Tailor made

TLBX creates every conceivable instruction. Your protocols are our briefing.

What is relevant is precisely mapped out. For optimal recognition.
Rate on request.

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